About Me

I'm Himanshu. I am a full stack generalist with solid knack in FE.
I have been coding for last 8 years and professionaly for last 5 years. I'm currently building tools for dev.
I specialize in building E2E product. I have worked with YC and high growth startups. And built system handling billions of request.
️⚠️    ️I'm currently working my dev tool startup and not looking for work.

My skills

Why we should work together?

You're early/growth startup
You're blazing fastand needs someone to match your iteration speed
I'm polyglotand can choose tools according to the job
Having built 6+ Product I can help in choosing right stack to deliver best results

Why we might not be a good fit?

You're looking for manager. I haven't managed team > 4. And I love building which goes away when you manage people.
Your ego >> startup

How can we start?

Ideal way is to collabrate for 2-3 days on small project in your startup.
This way we can find if we're great team.
Interested in working?
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